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Progressive Produce Joins Total Produce

(February 1, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA) Progressive Produce is proud to announce today that 65% of its equity has been acquired by Total Produce plc of Dublin, Ireland. Progressive Produce was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Total Produce is Europe’s premier fresh produce provider. Growing, sourcing, importing, packaging, distributing and marketing over 200 lines of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, the Total Produce group distributes over 300 million cartons of fresh produce to the retail, wholesale, foodservice and processing sectors across Europe and North America annually.

Total Produce today operates out of 100 facilities across some 20 countries, while serving many more. In addition to being the leading fresh produce provider in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic, the Total Produce group includes major operations in several key markets including Slovakia, India, Italy, The Netherlands and North America.

Commenting on the transaction, Jim Leimkuhler, President of Progressive Produce said “We are very pleased and excited to join with Total Produce. This transaction will further strengthen the business we have developed and grown over many years. We believe this is an excellent long-term combination of skills and expertise that will benefit all stakeholders, including our growers, our suppliers, our people and our customers.”

Carl McCann, Chairman of Total Produce commented by saying “We are delighted to become co-owners in Progressive Produce. This transaction with a leading California produce company further broadens our US operations and is in line with our strategy. We look forward to working with the excellent people in Progressive Produce as it continues to develop its very successful business expansion in future years.”

“Access to Total Produce’s international network of great products, people, and resources will allow us to continue our national and international expansion”, according to Vice President Jack Gyben. “Our intent is to become more valuable as a category partner to our broad customer base in various commodities, and to provide exceptional opportunities to the extraordinary employee group that has made us a great company.”

Progressive has had tremendous growth over the last several years as it expanded from a base of potatoes and onions into a broad commodity offering including asparagus, organics, Hispanic fruits and vegetables, cabbage, citrus and most recently, berries. “The character of Progressive has always been about great people, innovative products and outstanding customer service and partnership,” according to President Jim Leimkuhler, “and none of that will change with Total Produce as our partner.” Vice President of Sales Victor Rodarte added that providing an outstanding and successful future for Progressive and our employees was our top priority and the reason we are thrilled with this transaction.

Jim Leimkuhler, Victor Rodarte and Jack Gyben will continue with an ownership position and their general management responsibilities at Progressive. “Our commitment to the future of Progressive Produce, our customers, and employees is as strong as ever, and we are committed to growing as a proud part of the Total Produce family,” added Leimkuhler.

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